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I just realize that everyone loves “bluff.” Men, women, gay, lesbian, young, old. We all love “bluff.”

Why? Because it’s an art. Not everyone can give good bluff. Sometime you have to bluff people you don’t like. Sometime you don’t realize you’re being bluffed, but you like the feel-good feeling down-there or up-here. Sometime you’re being bluffed and you have to act unhappy. And sometime, you have to bluff people without them realizing it. It’s all about the art of lips service.

People love bluff because it feels good, because it makes others feel good and because it can get them far along the chain of “bluff” and “being bluffed”.

So go home, stop trying so hard on the “professional.” Pay more attention to the “professionalism”. Learn to bluff! You know you can become a director just with good bluffing skill.


Thinking for the worse

4789290f407bfc1l.jpgI was writing an email to announce a delay of a project and, goddam, it’s so hard. I kept thinking hard, thinking deep, thinking with all my guts and the words still sound as bad as it naturally is. And once I finished, I dared not send it. I need someone to look at it. To endorse it (or endorse my own confidence!)

Why is it so hard when you have to deliver bad news? You think, think deep, think hard, think again and still it doesn’t make sense. Should you keep thinking, twisting, spinning or just spit it out?

Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story

I cried while watching this movie. His eyes are so touching especially when looking at the father.
I see pain, weakness in his eyes, but not tears!


(He’s not crying here…but I guess you can imagine how his eyes are when crying)


I’m here

He’s there

Both on computer

Over a chair…buzzing one another


Happiness prevails in my heart!

Welcome to my world!

Hello world, this is me!

Today is my special day. I’ve introduced to this cool tool to mess up during my free time. Hopefully this can help me improve my writing and more!


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!