I just realize that everyone loves “bluff.” Men, women, gay, lesbian, young, old. We all love “bluff.”

Why? Because it’s an art. Not everyone can give good bluff. Sometime you have to bluff people you don’t like. Sometime you don’t realize you’re being bluffed, but you like the feel-good feeling down-there or up-here. Sometime you’re being bluffed and you have to act unhappy. And sometime, you have to bluff people without them realizing it. It’s all about the art of lips service.

People love bluff because it feels good, because it makes others feel good and because it can get them far along the chain of “bluff” and “being bluffed”.

So go home, stop trying so hard on the “professional.” Pay more attention to the “professionalism”. Learn to bluff! You know you can become a director just with good bluffing skill.


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