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Twinky glittering stars….daydreaming


It’s been long, very long since I last daydreamed and smiled with myself. How wonderful the feeling is!

When was the last time I looked at the sky and wish for a shooting star to deliver my love…

When was the last time I believed in fairies, magics, and let myself wander into a world of heroes, witches and handsome princes….

I just got it again today. The feeling is so alive in me. To have a star become your true love, to hold stardust in my hand, to fly on a sky-ship and harness thunder into bolts and to kiss my love in the cloud…Uhmmmm, it’s just overwhelming for me!

Dream on and never stop dreaming…..


Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story

I cried while watching this movie. His eyes are so touching especially when looking at the father.
I see pain, weakness in his eyes, but not tears!


(He’s not crying here…but I guess you can imagine how his eyes are when crying)


I’m here

He’s there

Both on computer

Over a chair…buzzing one another


Happiness prevails in my heart!